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  • Project definition

    Together with all persons involved we will come to a definition of goals for the project. We will strive for innovation, whether in design, functionality, technology or use of material.

    Organizziamo incontri di indagine sugli obiettivi del progetto, insieme alle persone coinvolte.

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  • Design

    We will visualize different proposals, in the traditional way (sketching and modelling by hand), by photo realistic renderings of 3D models, and of course by using aesthetic and functional models.

    Siamo in grado di visualizzare con tecniche tradizionali, schizzi e modelli di stile o con rendering 3D fotorealistico le soluzioni trovate.

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  • Engineering / Mechanical Design

    During the phase of constructive detailling we will offer full support up until the realization of working prototypes and pre-production series.

    Possiamo fornire un supporto nella fase di mechanical engineering, sino alla fase di realizzazione dei prototipi funzionanti.

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  • Prototyping / Product development

    We have an international network of suppliers that allows us to quickly provide you with estimates cost regarding rapid prottyping and industrial production.

    Abbiamo un parco fornitori internazionale, che ci permette di redigere preventivi sulle prototipazione rapida e produzione industriale.

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  • Graphic / Web Design

    For customers we can realise the branding - logo design, the company's website and packaging design as well. So we are offering digital contents services to assist you in building a professional, easy to use well-functioning Web site.

    Seguiamo per i clienti anche la realizzazione di branding - logo design, di web-site aziendali e di packaging design per i prodotti.

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